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Nutrition for Recovery

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Importance of Recovery

Recovery is key. Whether it be from a hard training session, a big match, or even a hard day at work, eating and drinking the right things can make all the difference in helping you feel ready and raring to go for your next session. The following are my three big tips to enhance your recovery:


Getting the right food in can make a massive difference. Protein will help muscles repair and recover, while carbohydrate will help to replenish energy stores. Aim to eat a good recovery meal (see ideas below) as soon as possible after exercise. If this is not possible, try to have something like a protein shake, flapjack or Yazoo milkshake within 30 minutes post-exercise.


Whether you have been sweating buckets or not, you will undoubtably lose fluid during exercise, electrolytes will also be lost with this fluid, so replacing these is key to recovery. Sports drinks (Lucozade, Powerade etc.), milk and electrolyte tablet dissolved in water are ideal for doing helping rehydrate post-exercise.


Try to rest as much as possible between training sessions as this the time your body really makes the gains and adapts as a result of the training you’ve done. Resting is also key in reducing risk of illness. Things such as aiming for at least 7 hours sleep are easy enough to implement, but why not try something different like a massage, spa, or even floatation to really up your resting game!

Recovery meal ideas:

  • Spaghetti Bolognaise

  • Grilled chicken (1/4 plate), veg (1/4 plate) and rice (1/2 plate)

  • Chilli con carne (1/2 plate) with rice (1/2 plate) – This can be vegetarian if you remove mince and add more beans, or even use Quorn mince!

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