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Ben Pearson - Para athlete

As a para-athlete, I rely on having my body in the best condition as possible! Steve is a big part of this! He provides world-class treatment to help keep my body as loose and as injury-free as possible! Steve has a warm and easy to talk to personality so he can always help talk through an injury or treatment before any hands-on treatment.


I take a lot of impact through my back in my week of training so seeing Steve weekly is vital. I found Steve's deep tissue massages and cupping beneficial to keep my back loose and feeling great.


Adele Nicholls - Office Worker/ Fitness Professional.

I’ve been working with Steve in a fitness training capacity for a number of years, his knowledge within the industry really shines and he takes pride in his work. Rather than instructing people he would coach them, and give detailed feedback to help them improve, which is fundamental when it comes to getting results

In a sports massage capacity, Steve has been helping me since just before he qualified - I was his client for his case studies and final assessment. Many years before that, I tore my hamstring during a Body Pump class, which he was able to identify and treat. He then identified other areas that needed working on too.
Steve is very thorough, and provides professional advice during and after treatment. 
I can’t recommend him enough!

Becky White Testimonial

Becky White - Personal Trainer

I have been having treatments with Steve for the past 18 months, during which he has helped me stay injury free whilst marathon training.
I enjoy my treatments (even the painful bits!) and I always feel relaxed and recovered after each one, which allows me to continue training at a high volume.
Steve is very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I would always highly recommend him to my personal training clients.

June 2019

DT LSAC Headshot.jpg

David Turner -

Loughborough University Head Throws Coach

Steve has been able to support my coaching group of development athletes at Loughborough University over the past 18 months.  Steve's advice has helped from both training preparation and recovery and also competition day nutrition strategies.  This has been particularly valuable for events such as BUCS Championships, where athletes are sometimes expected to qualify for the final and compete in the final on the same day.  These extra elements of performance preparation proved essential to one of the group winning the most recent Championship and become British No.1.


The world is changing, and athletes are no different  Therefore Steve has also helped support the three vegetarian athletes in the group to ensure they benefit and recover from training effectively and safely.

Rachel Scott testimonial

Rachel Rhodes

I have worked with Steve for 18 months now. After gaining a place in the London Marathon for 2018, I initially contacted Steve for his Sports Massage service. His advice and knowledge was invaluable to my training. Before working with Steve, I had never realised the importance nutrition has when training. Steve's attention to detail and professional approach to nutrition strategies certainly helped me to understand the complexities of nutrition whilst training for a marathon. Always putting my needs first, he ensured that I was able to get the best out of my body during training and during the marathon itself.

Roy Shankland

Excellent massage therapist. Friendly and professional, really listens to what you need. Provides home visits and is reasonably priced considering how experienced he is, couldn't recommend him more!

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