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Welcome to SS Health & Performance​

I can help you to improve your health and performance by offering an affordable service that fits into your lifestyle and routines. My goals are to help you achieve your goals, I want you to succeed! I will use tried and tested methods based on the latest evidence to help you.


SS Health & Performance

Exceeding your


I can help you improve your health and performance by offering an affordable bespoke, multi-faceted service that fits around your lifestyle.

I firmly believe that with the right guidance and support, everyone can reach their goals in life and in sport and exercise.


I offer a range of services to help with this including sports massage and acupuncture/dry needling to keep your body moving optimally, and coaching to improve your movement quality and fitness, helping you to reach your goals, whatever they may be.


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Trusted by Elite Athletes

I’ve worked with Olympians and international athletes, both in clinic and covering events such as the British Championships and World Trials

Trusted by Amateur Athletes

I’ve supported a number of amateur athletes towards achieving their goals, from marathon runners to fun runners, I’ve worked with people with all sorts of goals, helping them recover from injuries and then stay injury free on the way to successfully achieving their goals

I provide the same service to everyone regardless of their background, whether you are an elite athlete or an office worker, I don’t believe you should be treated any differently.

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Man from Loughborough University

 David Turner -

Loughborough University Head Throws Coach

Steve has been able to support my coaching group of development athletes at Loughborough University over the past 18 months.  Steve's advice has helped from both training preparation and recovery and also competition day nutrition strategies. 


This has been particularly valuable for events such as BUCS Championships, where athletes are sometimes expected to qualify for the final and compete in the final on the same day.  These extra elements of performance preparation proved essential to one of the group winning the most recent Championship and become British No.1.


The world is changing, and athletes are no different, therefore Steve has also helped support the three vegetarian athletes in the group to ensure they benefit and recover from training effectively and safely.

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